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Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

BABCP Accredited

PgDip. PgCert. BSc.(Hons).

Therapy in Hertford | Anxiety | CBT| Herts Therapy
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Constant worrying and anxiety have left you low in self-confidence. And no matter how hard you try you never really feel good enough. Everyone tells you “you’re so confident/able/great at what you do” but inside you feel like you’re faking it, or they don’t see the real you. Maybe pleasing others all of the time has worn you down or worrying about every single thing you do has become tiresome. And doesn’t all of the checking and rechecking become time consuming? Wouldn’t you just love to switch your overthinking mind off for just a day? Even just long enough to have a cup of tea in peace without thinking negatively. You might not know what exactly, but something has to change, and soon.


I would love the opportunity to work with you help you get back on track. Nothing pleases me more than seeing my clients take their life back, grow in confidence, and start enjoying life again. We’ll work together to identify the patterns of thinking and behaviour that have kept you down, before learning skills and techniques to overcome your anxiety once and for all. My approach is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, an evidence based and proven treatment for all types of anxiety. It’s so effective in fact that my average client will need no more than 8 to 12 sessions. No gimmicks, no procrastinating, and no fluff, straight down to tackling the problem head on.

Over the last 13 years I have worked both privately and for the NHS with a varying range of mental health difficulties, but now specialise in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including OCD, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), and social anxiety.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions, talk through your problem, and give an honest recommendation.  Why not book a free consultation call and see how I can help you live a confident, anxiety-free life.


PgDip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

PgDip Mental Health and Psychological Therapies

PgCert Low Intensity Cogntive Behavioural Interventions

BSc Psychology

BABCP (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists) Accrediated

Enhanced DBS Certificate

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