Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) addresses elements of the couple’s relationship that are known to have a direct effect on the relationship quality, an individual's mental health, and/or the individuals' relationship satisfaction.


A key component of this therapy is to focus on improving communication difficulties within the relationship. This allows the couple to progress on to improved problem-solving, more quality time together, and improved connection. Behavioural elements can also be addressed to increase shared enjoyment, and improve physical intimacy.

BCT is shown to improve couple's communication, improve connection and closeness, alleviate relationship distress, and improve relationship satisfaction. 

What if you have a good relationship but one or both of you suffer from anxiety or depression? BCT is not exclusively for couples in distress. Studies show that couples therapy is actually MORE effective for treating depression and anxiety than individual therapy due to the skills learnt and the effective support the partner is able to offer. 

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Free initial consultation.  1 hour appointment charged at £80.

Payment accepted by Bank Transfer, Cash, PayPal, and Insurance (AXA PPP, Aviva, Healix, Vitality Health).

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